RV Rental in Helsinki

Are you looking for a vacation where you can escape the fast pace of city life and where you can take a real break? What about a destination where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, peace and quiet, and endless summer nights? Go for RV rental in Helsinki! Take a direct flight to Helsinki and pick up your RV. Drive the gentle roads of Finland and appreciate the nature around you. Take enough breaks for some great hikes and a visit to one of the many hot saunas. A day downtown in Helsinki can’t be missing from your itinerary. The capital of Finland has a lot to offer in culture and architecture. Interested in Rv rental in Helsinki? Make a free and non-committed quotation on our website.

Enjoy Finland’s nature with an RV

After a visit to Helsinki, you are ready to start your road trip through Finland. Drive northwest for a great trip through the many lakes in Finland. If time is on your side drive a little more north to the region of Kanuu close to the border with Russia. Here you find the taiga where you can spot brown bears, wolves, moose, and reindeer. Next, your route takes you to Rovaniemi, the capital city of the Finnish Lapland. When it is time to go back south, choose a route along the west coast to the oldest city of Finland: Turku. From Turku, you can drive the historical highway King’s Road back to Helsinki.

Roadtripping in Finland

Finland is a very sparkly populated country, especially in the north. The roads are often empty and very suitable for an RV. The highways are in good condition but do take into account that the infrastructure in the north of Finland is not very extensive. In Finland, you have the freedom to park your RV in the middle of nature and sleep in the public areas for a max. of 24 hours. Of course, this is prohibited in protected nature reserves and private properties.

RV Rental in Helsinki

Two of our camper suppliers offer RV rental in Helsinki: McRent and Touring Cars. Both suppliers offer various RV and camper types, suitable for two people up to six people. Next to Helsinki, you can also rent your RV in Rovaniemi. Any questions about RV rental in Helsinki or Finland? Check our frequently asked questions or contact our customer service team.

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