RV rental in Faro

RV rental in Faro for a beautiful and comfortable road trip through the Algarve? Because of Faro’s southern location in Portugal, you can begin or end your road trip in Faro. The Algarve has mild temperatures all year long, which makes it suitable for a winter escape as well. When starting or ending your RV trip in Faro, don’t forget to visit the charming city for one or two days. Faro is a great little harbor town, where you can easily spend a day roaming the old city center and eat local seafood specialties in one of the restaurants.

Discover Faro and the Algarve

One of Faro’s highlights is the Capello dos Ossos. This chapel was made with the bones of deceased monks, which makes for a morbid sight. After a visit to Faro, you can start your road trip through the Algarve. Recommended is the nature park Ria Formosa, internationally acknowledged wetland. This is a paradise for birdwatchers, but you can also go boating, biking, hiking and kayaking. Do you also want to discover the north of Portugal? Drive north via the west coast to the cities Lisbon or Porto or choose your route via the idyllic inlands.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers works together with RV and campervan suppliers Indie Campers, McRent and Hostel on Wheels in Faro. McRent is Europe’s largest RV supplier. They offer a large fleet and a great choice between RV and camper types. HostelonWheels is the Portugal specialist. They offer smaller campers and campervans with a great personal service. So whether you are traveling with your family, friends or only with your partner, you can always choose what suits your wishes. In Portugal, you are allowed to wild camp in the free nature with the exception of the National Parks and protected nature reserves. This is not indicated everywhere in Portugal so it is recommended to do research. Portugal also has many campsites, ranging from basic to child-friendly and five-star campings. Check EuroCampings for a list of campsites.

Road trip in Portugal 

Combine a visit to Faro with a beautiful road trip through the southern Algarve. Or drive along the coastline towards Lisbon and Porto. For an additional one way fee, you can also drop off your RV in Lisbon or Porto, or start in one of these cities and travel southwards. Curious about the one-way fee? Please contact our customer service team for more information.

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