RV rental in Lisbon

The picturesque and small streets, the colorful facades, the historic center of the city. Lisbon is a city with character. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful city. It’s close to the Atlantic ocean and built on seven hills. ‘Sete Colinas’, as the Portuguese call these hills. Because of the difference in heights, the views are amazing. De different neighborhoods in Lisbon are separated by these seven hills, which causes every neighborhood to have its own ambiance. The neighborhoods of Alfama, Castelo and Graça have beautiful ancient buildings and it feels like you never left the Middle Ages. And in Baixa, you can shop your luxury goods. Choose RV Rental in Lisbon and start your journey through Portugal.

Road trip in Portugal

From Lisbon, you can drive parallel to the coastline towards the north of Portugal, to the city of Porto. On your way to the north, you can visit the palaces in Sintra and the ancient monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha. Other recommendations are Óbidos, which has its origin in early Roman times, or Coimbra, known for its university and also the capital city of Portugal in the Medieval period. Another beautiful city to take a break from your road trip is the fishing village Nazaré. Here you can taste the most amazing fresh fish dishes. But there are many more wonderful scenic routes.

Crossing the border to Spain

You can also choose to drive to the south of Portugal, to the province of Algarve. This is a popular touristic area, because of its beautiful nature, location next to the sea and warm temperatures. Next, you can cross the border to Spain and visit cities like Sevilla and Málaga. You can also go hiking in the stunning nature of Andalusia, taste the best sherry in Jerez de la Frontera and check out the Rock of Gibraltar.

RV Rental in Lisbon

Worldwide Campers offers two other pick-up locations in Portugal next to Lisbon: Porto and Faro. In these three cities, you can pick up or turn in your RV. RV Rental in Lisbon is possible at RV suppliers McRent, Indie Campers, BravaCar, Rent Easy and Hostel on Wheels. Request a free quote on our website for your RV or campervan rental in Portugal. 

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