RV rental in Porto

Are you looking for RV rental in Porto? Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon. The city is known for its port wine, which originates from the wine region next to the riverbanks of the Douro. But the city of Porto has many more sights to see than the port houses alone. The city has six bridges over the Douro river, which connect the cities Porto and Gaia. Two of those bridges are even designed by the architecture bureau of Gustave Eiffel, who is most famous for the Eiffeltower in Paris. Are you interested in RV Rental in Porto? Request a free and non-committed RV rental quotation on our website.

Explore Porto's history

The city of Porto has a stunning historic center, called the Ribeira. In this area, you can find most of the restaurants and sights. A large part of the neighborhood of Ribeira is inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. One of the sights you can’t miss while in Porto, is the station Sao Bento. Its walls are covered with ‘azejulos’, the famous blue-white Portuguese decorative tiles. Another recommended site is the tower Torre dos Clérigos in the middle of the city center, which is a large part of the characteristic of Porto.

Driving south from Porto 

From Porto, you can choose to drive south towards the capital of Portugal, Lisbon and the Mediterranean Algarve. You can turn in your RV at the rental location in the southern harbor town of Faro at the end of your trip. On your way, you can visit the palaces in Sintra and the monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha. Other recommendations are Óbidos, which has its origin in early Roman times, or Coimbra, known for its university and also the capital city of Portugal in the Medieval period. But there are many more wonderful scenic routes.

RV Rental in Porto

Worldwide Campers offers two other rental locations in Portugal in addition to Porto: Lisbon and Faro. RV rental in Porto is possible with two of our suppliers: McRent, Indie Campers, Rent Easy and Hostel on Wheels. McRent is a very large European motorhome supplier with over twelve vehicle types. Hostel on Wheels is a smaller Portuguese campervan rental company with three locations in Portugal. When you rent with Hostel on Wheels you have the option of booking a one way instead of making a roundtrip.

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