RV rental in Romania

Are you looking for RV rental in Romania for a trip through Eastern Europe? Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Romania as one of over fifteen countries in Europe. You may not immediately think of Romania for a road trip in Eastern Europe. But this country offers a lot of natural beauty, campgrounds, and hotels to make your RV vacation a success. Start your travels in the capital city Bucharest and enjoy the historic Transylvania with its high mountains and ancient castles. Visit the Apuseni National Park and the Fagaras Mountains. Interested in RV rental in Romania? Request a free quote on our website.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers works together with European supplier Easy Rent for RV rental in Romania. Easy Rent is originally a German rental company but nowadays they have rental locations in five other European countries. In Romania, you can pick up your rental vehicle in the capital city of Bucharest. Rent Easy offers over ten different rental vehicles, among which campervans and large, luxury motorhomes for up to six people. This supplier also offers the possibility to check-in online. This saves you up to 30 minutes during the pickup process of your rental vehicle.

Traveling by RV in Romania

If you want to make a unique and authentic trip through Europe, we recommend RV rental in Romania. You are allowed to cross the border to neighboring countries like Bulgaria on the condition that you ask permission at the rental location. We advise you to read the rental conditions for all the travel restrictions that apply to Romania. Included in your rental rate are 250 free kilometers per day if you rent between three and fourteen days. If rent an RV or campervan in Romania for more than fourteen days, you will receive unlimited kilometers included in your rental rate. The minimum age of the driver of the rental vehicle must be 21 years and you need to have at least one year of driving experience.

Camping in Romania

Romania offers a sufficient number of campgrounds for you to overnight during your RV trip. You can find around a hundred campgrounds in Romania, although most of them are parks with small cabins instead of camping sites. Most campgrounds are basic and a little more primitive than you might be used to. A large advantage of traveling by RV is that you can use your own toilet, shower, and kitchen during your overnights. Most campgrounds in Romania are located along the coast and the Carpathian Mountains. Camping free in nature outside of campgrounds is not allowed in Romania, so we advise you to do some research into campgrounds along your route prior to your departure. Read more about campgrounds in Romania here

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