RV rental in Malmö

Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden (after Stockholm and Göteborg) and is an important junction for car and train traffic. From Malmö, you can take the Sontbrug to the Danish capital Copenhagen, take the train to Norway, or the ferry to Germany. Who wants to discover the south of Sweden, will have a great start in Malmö. If you decide to stay in the city of Malmö the castle Malmöhus Slott from the year 1434 and the lively market square Lilla Torget are two highlights of the city. Looking for RV rental in Malmö? Make a free and non-committed quotation on the website.

Discover Sweden’s nature with an RV

A country like Sweden is perfect for a road trip by RV. You are free to park your RV in nature and camp out in the middle of the forest or along the coast. As long as you are not on private property or in one place longer than 24 hours, you are free to camp almost everywhere. This way you have all freedom and flexibility to drive anywhere on your own time. And it saves you the money you would normally spend on campings or hotels.

RV rental in Malmö

Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Malmö with Touring Cars as a supplier. Touring Cars has several RV and camper types, so you can choose which suits you and your travel company best. You can also rent your RV in Stockholm to discover Sweden. It is also possible to make a one way, where you start in Stockholm and drop off your RV in Malmö or the other way around. Do keep in mind that a one way is only possible with a charge of an additional one-way fee. Curious about this one-way fee? Please contact our customer service team for more information.

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