RV rental in Broome

Looking for an RV rental in Broome for a camper trip through the west of Australia? Broome is one of the locations where you can start. At the beginning of the past century, the town was the center of pearl harvesting. Nowadays the inhabitants of Broome mainly live from tourism. There is an international airport which makes Broome a good starting point for your trip by motorhome. The town itself is certainly worth a visit before you start your trip by campervan. Broome is located on a peninsula in the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by tropical forests with beautiful beaches. History lovers can learn more about Broome’s past as the center of the pearling industry or about how the town suffered during World War II. And for who wants to dig further into the past: in the area around Broome tracks of dinosaurs were found. Lovers of nature can enjoy the tropical flora and fauna around town.

Starting your RV vacation in Broome

After picking up your campervan in Broome you have basically two options for your camper trip. You can drive north through the breathtaking Kimberleys, an unspoiled rocky countryside full of waterfalls and wildlife. Then you can continue your way and drive your camper through the Northern Territory to reach the town of Darwin. Bear in mind that this part of Australia is sparsely populated and has only a limited amount of good roads. Always ask which roads are accessible by campervan before you start your trip. Worldwide Campers offers you the option to rent a 4WD motorhome that is suited for rougher roads. If you choose to start your camper trip from Broome and drive southwards, you can expect to find a magnificent rocky coastline with beautiful beaches and national parks with tropical vegetation. About halfway between Broome and Perth you will find the Ningaloo Reef, a must see for who wants to discover Australia’s underwater life.

RV rental in Broome

At Worldwide Campers you can rent a wide variety of motorhomes in Broome. We offer campers from companies like Apollo, Britz, Maui or Cheapa Campa. Because of the rough terrain, you can expect in West Australia, it is worth considering renting a 4WD motorhome. Of course, it is possible to pick up your camper in Broome and return it in for instance Darwin or Perth.

Various rental locations in Australia

With Broome having an international airport, it’s an ideal place to rent your camper. Besides Broome you can also rent an RV via Worldwide Campers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. RV rental in Broome? Feel free to contact our customer service team to receive more information about our rental locations, tariffs or insurances.


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