RV rental in Darwin

Looking for RV Rental in Darwin for a road trip through Australia? Darwin, the most northerly city of Australia, is a good starting point if you want to travel by campervan through the northern part of the country. Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and borders the Timor Sea. The city is located in the tropical part of Australia and has a long history. In the 17th century, Dutch explorers landed in Darwin for the first time. However, you will not find many historical buildings in Darwin. The city was almost completely destroyed in World War II and later suffered heavily when cyclone Tracy hit. Nowadays Darwin is one of the most modern cities in Australia. The city is surrounded by lush vegetation: the nearby Kakadu National Park is certainly worth a visit when you explore the area around Darwin by camper. And the surrounding tropical beaches deserve a stop as well during your motorhome vacation.

Start your RV trip in Darwin

When you start your RV trip in Darwin, you have several options for a great sightseeing trip. You can drive your campervan through the Northern Territory down south to Alice Springs. There you can visit the famous red rock Uluru (better known as Ayers Rock). If you continue driving southwards on the Stuart Highway, after a couple of days you can reach Port Augusta. If you have plenty of time for your camper trip, it is a great idea to travel along the south coast towards Melbourne and from there make your way up north along the coast, maybe even as far as Cairns where you can return your motorhome.

From Darwin to Broome

Another option is to start from Darwin and drive your camper southwards through the Northern Territory until you reach the crossroad that leads towards Townsville on the east coast. Do you prefer to discover the unspoiled west coast of Australia? Then you can still start your motorhome vacation in Darwin and drive through the beautiful region of the Kimberley towards Broome. No matter in which direction you want to make your camper trip, Darwin with its international airport is a good starting point for those who want to discover the northern part of Australia by campervan.

RV rental in Darwin

In Darwin, Worldwide Campers offers rental campers from several rental companies, like Britz, Apollo, Mighty and Mauí. If you want to pick up your motorhome in Darwin but return it somewhere else, this is of course possible. Often the rental companies charge an extra drop off fee, so make sure to ask us about the rental conditions before you book your camper trip. In Australia, you can also rent a camper in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Perth. Looking for RV rental in Darwin? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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