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The Must-Sees during your adventurous camper journey through Namibia

The Must-Sees during your adventurous camper journey through Namibia

Namibia, a country located on the southwest coast of Africa, is a breathtaking destination for adventurous travelers. The country offers tourists an abundance of natural beauty, diverse wilderness, and a unique culture. Exploring Namibia with a camper is a fantastic way to experience the splendor of this vast and almost empty land.

Drive easily in Namibia

When embarking on a camper adventure in Namibia, it is important to know that this country has left-handed traffic. Meaning you drive on the left side of the road and the camper’s steering wheel is on the right side. It is also important to note that Namibia has a well-maintained road network, declared the best in all of Africa by the World Bank. For camper travelers it is also good to know that there are excellent facilities for campers, such as campsites with sanitary facilities, electricity, and water points.

From desert landscapes to coastlines and safaris: Namibia has it all

One of the most popular tourist routes in Namibia is the route from Windhoek, the capital of the country, to the majestic Fish River Canyon, the second-largest canyon in the world, and then back to Windhoek via the coast at Swakopmund and various safari parks. This route of around 3.000 km (keep in mind that Namibia is almost 20 time the size of the Netherlands) can be done in about three weeks.

Desert landscapes on the way to Fish River Canyon

On the way to the amazing, red-colored Fish River Canyon, you can enjoy the vast desert landscapes and the wildlife that spontaneously crosses the road. The views are breathtaking! At the Fish River Canyon, you can enjoy the unreal views from various viewpoints accessible with either your camper or by hiking.

Sossusvlei and Namib Naukluft National Park

After you enjoyed the breathtaking canyon, you can head towards the coast. On the way you pass the renowned Namib Naukluft National Park with impressive 300 meters high red sand dunes of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei, which you can also climb! These unique sand dunes and salt pans create a surreal landscape that you won’ t find anywhere else in the world.

The coast of Swakopmund

From Sossusvlei, you can travel further to Swakopmund, a charming and vibrant coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean, known for its German colonial architecture and adventurous activities such as sandboarding and quad driving in the nearby dunes. It is also possible to go on dolphin and whale safaris. Swakopmund also offers delicious seafood in local restaurants and artisanal souvenir shops.  

Immerse yourself in the culture on the way to Etosha National Park

After all this nature, you might be ready to experience a bit of culture! On the road from the Atlantic coast to Etosha National Park, you pass through Twyfelfontein. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-see for historic and archeologic enthusiasts. The Twyfelfontein has thousands of prehistoric engravings and rock paintings that offer a fascinating insight into the lives of Namibia’s original inhabitants.

Etosha National Park: Safari from your own camper!

Another must-visit for tourists in Namibia it Etosha National Park, one of the largest wildlife parks in Africa. Here, you can enjoy unforgettable safaris and spot wildlife, including elephants, lions, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and various bird species. The waterholes in the National Park attract large number of animals, providing an engaging experience for nature lovers. Unlike other safaris in various other African countries, you can experience it from your own rented camper. On your own pace!

The ultimate combination of freedom and adventure: A camper vacation in Namibia

Altogether, Namibia offers an unforgettable experience for adventurous travelers who want to combine the freedom of traveling with a camper, with the beauty of nature and the rich culture this country offers. With well-maintained roads, friendly locals, and an abundance of breathtaking sights. Namibia is the perfect destination for an unforgettable camper adventure.

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