To make the booking process even easier, more and more motorhomes can be booked directly online. Especially at popular destinations and during busy periods, it can be useful to hit the nail on the head right away. The first rental company that made direct availability possible is Indie Campers, and we are also the only comparison website that is allowed to offer the campers of this rental company. So doubly unique.

Meanwhile, the campers of no fewer than 10 rental companies are directly bookable and rental companies are constantly being added to this list. It now concerns the following brands: ApolloBunk campers, Cheapa Campa, Cruise America / Canada, Hippie Campers and Travelers Autobarn. Direct booking is only possible for the following rental companies for their camper offer on the destinations Australia and New Zealand: Britz, Maui and Mighty.

How do I book a camper directly?

During the reservation process of a camper, it is easy to see which campers are directly bookable or not. Select your destination, travel period and travel group and click on 'find a camper'. It is indicated with each camper whether it is on request or immediately available.

If a camper is available, it can be booked immediately! Enter all personal data and click 'confirm'. A deposit is requested to confirm the reservation. This amounts to 30% of the total rental amount. The remaining amount must be received by us no later than three months before departure. A payment link will be sent for this.

If your desired camper is on request, the availability must first be requested. If the camper is available, we will inform you. The selected camper is then put in option for the current price, which is valid for a maximum of 7 days. We hope to be able to confirm within that period, but it is also still possible to cancel it.

There is also a possibility that the camper is not available on the desired date. In that case we will contact you and together we will look at an alternative camper.

Personal service

The great strength of Worldwide Campers lies in personal service. Whether you opt for a direct booking or via a quote. In both cases you can always count on the support of our experienced sales team. We are here for you and happy to help answer questions or provide information.

Worldwide offer

As the name suggests, Worldwide Campers can be booked everywhere. Worldwide Campers offers camper rental in more than 40 countries. Because we work with the largest rental companies, there is always a location and camper that suits your wishes and budget.

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