4x4 Offroad vehicle in Cali

Are you looking for 4x4 adventure rental in Cali to make a road trip in the unforgettable that is called Colombia? Cali is one of the starting points from where you can begin your travels in Colombia. Interested in campervan rental in Cali for a vacation in Colombia? Request a free rental quote on our website. 

Start your adventure in Cali

With a holiday in Colombia, you might think about the Amazone or the Andes. But how great is it to start your holiday in Cali, the city of Salsa! Salsa clubs are on every corner in town, and every one living there, old or young, can dance the Salsa. Its a city of just about 2 milion people and that makes them the third biggest city of Colombia. 
Its located on the equator, surrounded by mountains, what makes it always tropical weather.

Why choose Worldwide Campers?

Worldwide Campers offers RV and campervan rental in over forty countries worldwide. In Colombia, we work together with Karakoles. If you have any questions about campervan rental in Cali for an unforgetable trip in Colombia, please contact our customer service team. They are happy to help!

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