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Four Seasons is a Canadian RV supplier, founded in 2006 by James Erp (from Fraserway RV) with just 50 rental vehicles. The company was founded on the belief that just because you pay less for RV rental, it should not mean that you get less. Nowadays they already expanded to 5 rental locations across Canada and over 250 rental vehicles.

Please be aware it is mandatory to stay your first night in a hotel before picking up your RV.

Advantages of Four Seasons

  • Online Express Check-In to speed up your pick up process at the rental location.
  • You can leave your luggage in storage at the rental location, at your own risk.
  • Four Seasons does not charge for additional drivers.
  • You are allowed to cross the border to the USA without a daily fee.
  • Toll-free emergency number, while you are on the road
  • All rental locations are open from Monday to Saturday. The rental location in Vancouver (Abbotsford) is also open on Sunday ( from May to September).
  • The minimum rental period is 7 days. You can rent a vehicle for less than 7 days but the rental fee will be calculated on the 7-day minimum.
  • You can add the following extras to your rental: baby and child seat, bike rack, wifi, and a GPS.
  • Dogs are allowed to travel with you in the rental, but only on request. The additional charge for bringing your pet is $100.

RV rental locations

Four Seasons has RV rental locations in Vancouver (Abbotsford), Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. One-way rental between the rental locations are not allowed.

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