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Worldwide Campers has trusted partnerships with over forty RV and campervan suppliers worldwide. Ranging from large, international RV companies to small, independant specialists. We always offer a supplier that fits your travel preferences. You can choose a luxury RV with high levels of comfort or a basic campervan with all the essentials you need on your trip. Click on one of our suppliers to read more about their unique selling points, rental locations and RV/campervan models. Once you chose your supplier, you can request a quote on our website to compare pricing. Please contact us if you prefer additional advice.

Holiday Rent

South America specialist Holiday Rent

Holiday Rent is a Chilean camper rental company. From personal experience, they felt that Chile was the perfect destination to discover by campervan. Over 25 years ago they started their company with this idea in mind and quickly expanded to other South American destinations. The great infrastructure and varied landscapes of South America make for an ideal camper vacation. Our camper supplier has their main office in Santiago de Chile and the second one in Punta Arenas. Holiday Rent offers 'crossborder' rentals into Argentina, Peru, Brazilia, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Tailor made and personal service

Holiday Rent is a small company which prides itself on personal, flexible service. The company has a small fleet of well-maintained and well-equipped campervans, available at competitive prices. Their excellent 24-hour emergency service means a worry-free vacation. Whether you are travelling with the entire family, a group of friends or by yourself, Holiday Rent has a campervan matching your needs. Holiday Rents' tip: Desierto Florido is in bloom during August and September. the best time to go on a ski holiday is during our Summer months; all campingcars are equipped with all season tyres and the supplier also offers a ski box to keep all your skiing equipment in.

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