RV rental in Perth

Perth is the largest city of West Australia and the fourth most populated city in the country. The city is located at the coast of the Indian Ocean and the Swan river runs through it. Perth is situated far away from other large cities and when you start your motorhome vacation here, you can expect to drive through sparsely populated land. Before you leave Perth by camper, do not forget to visit Kings Park, one of the largest inner-city parks in the world with gorgeous botanical gardens. Perth is also a great place to shop and stock up on supplies before you leave on your camper trip. If you are looking for RV rental in Perth for an adventurous road trip? Worldwide Campers is here to help you to make the most of your time in Australia.

Starting your RV trip in Perth

If you pick up your campervan in Perth, you can choose to drive north along the unspoiled coast with national parks like Nambung National Park, where you can see the Pinnacles, limestone pillars of about six meters, reaching up into the sky from the sandy beach. Further north on your camper trip you will find breathtaking reefs like the famous Ningaloo Reef, halfway between Perth and Broome. For scuba divers, this is an underwater paradise. If you want to see dolphins, make sure to add a stop on your camper trip at Monkey Mia, where you can swim with dolphins. A different route to take from Perth, is to drive your campervan to Adelaide on the south coast of Australia. You will drive through the Nullarbor Plain, a flat area almost without trees. Further eastwards you will find trees again, for instance, large eucalyptus trees near the town of Albany. Here you also have a good chance to see koalas.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

Worldwide Campers offers RV rental in Perth with a variety choice of motorhomes from several companies. For example, you can rent a brightly painted Hippie Camper, suited for two persons and an ideal choice for younger people on a budget. Or you can choose for more luxury and rent a camper from companies like Britz, Apollo or Mighty. Most companies offer the possibility to pick up your camper in Perth and return it to for instance Broome or Adelaide.

RV rental locations in Australia

Besides RV rental in Perth, Worldwide campers also offers rental camper vans and motorhomes at other locations. These locations are Sydney, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns and Hobart. Feel free to contact us to get more information. For example about our special offers. Ready to book your RV in Perth? Make a free quote on our website.

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