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Example Itinerary: 14 day roundtrip Travel South region

Example Itinerary: 14 day roundtrip Travel South region

Are you dreaming of an unforgettable road trip by camper through the southern part of the United States? Start your journey by picking up your camper in Nashville, Tennessee. Drive through the Great Smoky Mountains, the vibrant state of Alabama, and the dynamic city of Atlanta to South Carolina, where you return the camper in Charlotte. Prepare yourself to discover beautiful landscapes, rich history, charming cities, and delicious food while travelling through the Travel South region.

Day 1-2: Nashville, Tennessee

Your camper journey kicks off in the fantastic city of Nashville, often referred to as ‘Music City’. Whether you are into pop, rock, bluegrass, jazz, classical music, blues, or soul, Nashville has it all. You can indulge in live music 365 days a year. From big name artists on grand stages to local acts in a smoky jazz bar. During your stay in Nashville, we highly recommend visiting the Grand Ole Opry, the Johnny Cash Museum, the country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, and the Jack Daniel’s distillery.

Day 3/4: Nashville – Great Smoky Mountains N.P., 313 km – approximately 3.5 hours

On day three, you will pick up the camper and commence your journey through the southern states. Your first destination is the Great Smoky Mountains. This national park, historically the homeland of the Cherokee, is situated in Eastern Tennessee bordering North Carolina. The beautiful mountains covered in trees derive their name from the mist that often shrouds their summits. Plan to stay at least two nights in this area since the ‘Smokies’ have over 1,300 km of hiking trails, leading you to impressive waterfalls and viewpoints. Outdoor enthusiast will thrive here, with opportunities for rafting, biking, and ziplining alongside hiking.

Day 5/6: Great Smoky Mountains N.P. – Birmingham, Alabama, 405 km – approximately 4 hours

After your time in the mountains, continue your camper journey to Birmingham. Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city and is in the middle of the center of the civil rights movement. At the Civil Rights Institute, you can gain a profound understanding of this history. The museum is in the heart of the Birmingham Civil Rights District, once designated a National Monument by President Obama. Here, you will find the 16th Baptist Church, where you can attend a service on Sunday morning, and visit Kelly Ingram Park. Attention, car and motorcycle enthusiast, in Birmingham you will find the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. Home to the largest private collection of cars and motorcycles.

Day 7: Birmingham – Montgomery, 156 km – approximately 1.5 hours

Your camper journey continues to Montgomery, the capital of Alabama. It is located along the Alabama River and has a cozy atmosphere. The city is rich in historical sites related to the Civil War and civil Rights. Be sure to visit the Rosa Parks Museum. If you have extra time, consider visiting the nearby town of Selma. The town became famous for the Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights March, consisting of three protest marches in 1965. To get in the mood for your visit, you can watch the remarkable movie “Selma”.

Day 8/9: Montgomery – Atlanta, Georgia 272 km, approximately 3 hours

You will leave the state of Alabama and head east to the city of Atlanta in Georgia. Atlanta is renowned for its modern skyline in combination with its historical attractions. One must-visit sight is the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Atlanta has plenty to offer for families as well. The famous Georgia Aquarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums, offering “behind-the-scenes” tours that are captivating. Combine the aquarium visit with The World of Coca-Cola to learn about the brand’s success, view vintage ads and sample various types of cola. The Centennial Park Downtown is a great place to relax. As is the Piedmont Park, a beautiful forest like park and a popular weekend spot. Along the Belt Line, which will eventually connect all neighborhoods, you will find bars, restaurants, shops, art and even sport fields.

Day 10: Atlanta – Charleston, South Carolina, 491 km, approximately 5 hours

Today, a long journey is on the agenda. In approximately five hours, you drive your camper through Georgia towards Charleston. Charleston is a coastal town in South Carolina. You might even consider taking a detour through the beautiful Hilton Head Island in the Southern part of South Carolina. Charleston has a rich history, so be sure not to miss the historic district. A stroll through the French Quarter is a must, as well as a horse-drawn carriage tour. Art enthusiast will also be in their element, as you will find various museums and art galleries alongside all the beautiful historic buildings. Enjoy a cocktail at one of the rooftop bars with stunning views of the unique architecture. And wherever you decide to dine, it will undoubtedly be a true delight for your taste buds!

Day 11: Charleston and surroundings

Charleston is an ideal center spot for visiting one of the beautiful plantations. Such as Magnolia Plantation, Boone Hall Plantation and Middleton Place. The Middleton Place even ranks as one of the oldest historical designed American gardens.

Day 12/13: Charleston- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 158 km, approximately 2 hours

The coastal line, also known as the Grand Strand, connects various places. Little River offers tranquility, while Myrtle Beach offers long stretched beaches, lots of entertainment, (water) activities, and excellent golf courses. This makes Myrtle Beach particularly suitable for families, but also for couples, singles, and friends. After a day at one of the delightful beaches, you can enjoy excellent dining. Food enthusiasts are at the right place. Myrtle Beach has earned the nickname ‘Seafood Capital’ for a reason. If you are not a fan of fresh seafood, there are plenty of alternatives as there are numerous dining options. Close by, there are also numerous nature reserves. For example, Huntington Beach State Park which offers a beautiful beach, salt and freshwater lagoon and a swamp area. Another one is Myrtle Beach State Park. In addition to hiking and cycling, you can also go horseback riding and fish in both fresh and salt water. Our hiking tip: follow the Sculptured Oak Nature Trail.

Day 14: Myrtle Beach – Charlotte, North Carolina, 306 km, approximately 3,5 hours

After an unforgettable camper journey filled with stunning nature, historical discoveries, and vibrant cities, you reach your destination: Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte has a lively nightlife and numerous breweries but is also renowned for its various sports. The national football team, the Carolina Panthers, are highly popular. If you have the opportunity, attend one of the football games. Car and motor enthusiasts can visit the NASCAR Hall or the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Are you a fan of the famous film series, The Hunger Games? If you drive from Charlotte towards Asheville, you will pass by locations featured in the movies. Explore District 12, the Mellark family bakery, or the Everdeen house.

Would you rather take a different camper road trip through the southern states?

Keep in mind that this is just a sample route, you can customize the route to match your interests. For instance, you can return the camper in Nashville if you want to spend more time in Tennessee and North Carolina (with a possible detour to the Blue Grass State of Kentucky). Or you can drive from Nashville with the camper through Alabama towards Louisiana. The possibilities in the southern region are endless. Feel free to contact our Customer Service if you have any questions about this route or if you do like to request a free, no-obligation quote.

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