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Book your 14-day trip to Spain

Book your 14-day trip to Spain

Has a trip through northern Spain been on your bucket list for a while? With Orson Rent, book your RV for a 14-day trip through northern Spain for spring or autumn 2024 with a 10% discount now. The trip starts and ends in Barcelona, where you pick up and return your RV. The conditions are explained below:

  • Validity: book between 25 January - 31 March 2024
  • Travelperiod: between 2 April - 31 July 2024 and between 1 September - 31 December 2024
  • Pick-up and drop-off location: the Orson Rent location in Barcelona
  • Campertypes: Adria Matrix Axess 670 SL and Twin Plus 640 SLB
  • Discount: the 10% discount is calculated on the daily rate, not on extras. This means that a 10% discount does not apply to the kitchen set, the camping set and the linen. When you request a RV quote that meets the conditions, the discount will be processed immediately.

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Example Itinerary

Barcelona - Bilbao - Barcelona

The adventure starts at 45 minutes from the pickup location in Barcelona, with a visit to the Montserrat. This mythical mountain includes the Benedictine monastery of Santa María de Montserrat. The monastery can be reached by car or by cable car. It's definitely recommended to park the RV at the station and make use of the cable car. After visiting the Montserrat, we continue towards the Pyrenees. 

While passing through Huesca, Pamplona and San Sebastián, you arrive in Bilbao. The largest city and beating heart of Spanish Basque Country. The main attraction is, of course, the Guggenheim Museum. Whereas in Huesca you will mostly pass medieval villages, in Pamplona you will visit a Spanish city with authentic Spanish houses and in San Sebastián you will find a city with beautiful beaches and elegance, Bilbao has mostly embraced the future with its modern architecture. And don't forget to enjoy the Basque cuisine too!

Having driven from Barcelona to Bilbao through Huesca and Pamplona, it's recommended to not take the same route back to Barcelona and pass by these cities again. Therefore, opt for the route past Logroño and Zaragoza before heading back towards the Meditterranean again. In Logroño, you will find a real tapas street (Calle del Laurel), one of the main reasons the city is in the top 3 best cities for tapas. In Zaragoza, the country's fifth largest city, you will find architectural tracings of the Romans, Moors, Celts and Christians. Cathedral La Seo and the old palace of Alfajarin.

From Zaragoza, you can travel back towards Barcelona to return the RV.
This route covers around 1400 kilometers, an excellent distance to complete in two weeks. 


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