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Worldwide Campers has trusted partnerships with over forty RV and campervan suppliers worldwide. Ranging from large, international RV companies to small, independant specialists. We always offer a supplier that fits your travel preferences. You can choose a luxury RV with high levels of comfort or a basic campervan with all the essentials you need on your trip. Click on one of our suppliers to read more about their unique selling points, rental locations and RV/campervan models. Once you chose your supplier, you can request a quote on our website to compare pricing. Please contact us if you prefer additional advice.

RV rental with AVIS Car-Away

AVIS Car-Away offers high-quality motorhomes in France and Corsica. This French company is a well-established company and its motorhomes are mostly current-year models. All employees are well trained and are bilingual. One-way rentals are available between all rentals stations, even international one-way rentals from the Paris and Marseille depot are possible.
The drop off locations can be Rome, Milan, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Zurich and Amsterdam
Please contact Worldwide Campers for more information regarding one-way camper journeys (except Ajaccio).

AVIS Car-Away rental locations in France

They work in 12 different locations all over France, they cities are Paris - Marseille - Angers - Tours - Nantes - Grenoble - Nice - Lyon - Toulouse - Strasbourg - Ste Maxime and Ajaccio (Corsica). Make a free quote on our website and start your camper experience in France today.

RV types 

Avis Car-Away works with 9 different categories of RV's. Smaller categories for 2 people, but also options for 6. So every kind of traveller can find their match with Avis. 

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