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Pet friendly RV rental

Pet friendly RV rental

In the United States we have several suppliers who allow you to bring your pet with you on the road. They all require different terms, conditions and cleaning fees:

Apollo RV

Apollo allows you to bring up to 2 pets with you in your rental RV for a fee of US$300 per booking. Service animals are free of charge. You are required to tell us in advance that you plan on bringing your pet(s) and you have to ensure your pet does not cause any damage to the vehicle. Should additional pet cleaning be required at drop-off, additional cleaning charges will apply.

Cruise America

Cruise America offers pet friendly RV rental. However, you are required to tell us in advance that you plan on bringing your pet and you are also subject to a cleaning fee up to US$250.

Campervan North America

You are allowed to bring your pet in all rental campervans of Campervan North America. Their additional pet cleaning fee is US$45 if you rent the Edelweiss or Bunkhouse campervans and US$90 if you rent the Treasure Chaser, Two4theRoad or Clanhauler campervan.

El Monte RV

Pets are allowed in all El Monte rental RV’s and there is no extra charge to bring your pet. However, a cleaning fee may be applied at return if the rental vehicle is brought back in unclean condition because of the pet.


Jucy generally does not allow pets in their vehicles, with the exception of registered guide or assistance dogs. However, they are happy to decide case-by-case. If you cannot imagine your vacation without your pet, please contact us and we will discuss with Jucy. The reason Jucy sometimes declines these request have to do with e.g. the size or kind of pet. They look after their customers with allergies too. If Jucy does approve your request, a maximum cleaning fee of US$500 + tax will be applied.

Our US suppliers Travellers Autobarn, Road Bear RV, Star RV and Britz do not allow pets in their vehicles, with the exception of registered guide and assistance dogs.

Tips for traveling with your pet

When traveling with your pet, make sure your campground or RV park allows your furry friend on their site. This means you should make some campsite reservations in advance to enjoy a worry-free RV vacation. The benefit of a pet friendly campground or RV park is that there probably will be other dogs for your dog to play with. Also do take into account that you should make frequent stops while on the road if you are bringing your dog. When you are planning to visit state parks or national parks, always check if you are allowed to bring your dog.

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