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COVID-19: Safe traveling by RV

The COVID-19 pandemic brings a lot of uncertainty into our lives, and that is especially true when it comes to considering vacation travel. With guidelines still being established for much of the travel industry, many forms of travel are not yet advisable. So if you are looking for a safe mode of traveling during COVID-19 this season, the freedom that comes with an RV rental is a great option. Enjoy exploring within the safety and security of traveling in your own home on wheels. All of our RV and camper suppliers have strict cleaning policies and maintenance protocol with regard to their fleet of vehicles, which meet or exceed CDC guidelines. Low contact procedures have also been implemented for the time of pick-up and drop-off.

Advantages of an RV vacation

The old-fashioned summer road trip is back, and it’s better than ever when you travel in an RV from Worldwide Campers!

  • Travel in your own house on wheels, in a controlled environment with all the comforts of home.
  • The bathroom facilities, kitchen, and beds are only used by you and your travel party.
  • RVs are spacious yet efficient, with sleeping accommodations for up to 8 people.
  • While traveling in an RV, you are able to maintain your own standards of cleanliness.

Whether you are a seasoned RV enthusiast or this is your first experience, get out on the open road and discover all of the exciting opportunities of a vacation in an RV!

Safe traveling during COVID-19

Worldwide Campers offers RV rental locations in over 30 US cities. Browse options from departure cities, select a supplier and RV or camper type according to your travel party size and budget. Based on availability in each location, you can choose from up to 11 suppliers, ranging from standard to premium categories. In an RV from the premium category, like Road Bear RV, their entire fleet is renewed every year so your RV home may look like – or even be – brand new. Of course, all of our 11 RV and camper suppliers have very strict cleaning policies that meet or exceed CDC guidelines. You may review all supplier policies here. And once you are on the road, please pay attention to the advice of the individual states that you may travel around or through, as guidelines may vary. Take care to avoid crowded areas, practice safe social distancing, and personal protection were advised.

How about campgrounds?

Many campgrounds regulated by the National Park Service are currently closed or have delayed their openings due to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, many privately-owned campgrounds are still open, with specific operational guidelines in place. We do advise you to plan your itinerary and check the NPS website or which campsites will be open during your travels. Read more about campgrounds.

What if I need to cancel my RV rental?

Many of our US suppliers have a flexible cancellation and rebook policy during this time of disruption in travel. This means that you can book your RV of camper now for this summer or fall and still may be able to cancel without penalties. But the demand for vehicles is certain to increase throughout the season, so a confirmed booking now ensures that your preferred vehicle is reserved just for you. If you have any questions about safe traveling during COVID-19 by RV, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Do you have questions about a current reservation?

If you have an existing reservation with Worldwide Campers please read our travel disruption policy here. And as always, please contact our customer service team if we can answer any questions.

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