Rv rental in Tokyo

Are you looking for RV rental in Tokyo? Worldwide Campers offers you a lot of choices in RV rental in Japan. When renting an RV in Tokyo it is often preferred to first explore this special city before you pick up your rental RV. Because Tokyo is a metropolis there are countless travel tips to experience the Tokyo culture. Start your trip with a visit to the most famous district of the city: Shibuya. In Shibuya, you can walk the busiest crossroads in the world. Also, enter one of the large skyscrapers for a cup of coffee and watch all the people going in all directions. You can find the largest fish market in the world in the district Tsukiji. When you visit very early in the morning you can witness the fresh fish auctioned off. Enjoy some delicious fresh sushi and walk the rainbow bridge to pay a visit to the island of Odaiba.

Explore Japan with an RV

From the central location of Tokyo, you can easily explore the north and south of Japan. With an RV you can travel places you would otherwise never go. Experience the local Japanese culture up close from your house on wheels. Japan has many campgrounds, from basic and small to large and luxurious with many modern facilities. Visit the legendary Mount Fuji or travel along the coast, attend a tea ceremony or relax in a Japanese Onsen bathhouse.

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

In Tokyo, you can rent an RV from supplier El Monte. El Monte is one of the largest camper suppliers in the United States and started a rental location in Tokyo in 2017. El Monte offers you good value for your money and provides good service, even when you already started your trip in Japan. They offer simple ‘van conversions’ to large, luxurious campers for the whole family. Ask our customer service team about the possibilities or request an easy quote via the menu on our website.

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