RV Rental Ajaccio

RV rental in Ajaccio for a road trip on the French island of Corsica? Corsica has a very rugged and mountainous landscape with beautiful nature reserves, idyllic coasts, and historic villages. If you decide to fly to Ajaccio, you will have a stopover on the mainland of France. You can also take the ferry from Marseille or Nice, which leaves multiple times per day. The French island has many Italian influences because of the closeby Italy, which you will also taste in its authentic food. Are you interested in RV rental in Ajaccio? Request a free quotation on our website.

RV rental in Ajaccio for a road trip

RV rental in Corsica offers you the possibility to experience the inland of the island and the authentic atmosphere of the small cities. Corsica has two large cities and also many small, on first sight hidden, historic villages which are all worth visiting. Our recommendations are the historical Bonifacio, in the south of the island, and Sant’ Antonio. This little city is located on top of a hill and has been mentioned in many top 10-lists of most beautiful French cities. And those who love to hike are also in the right destination. In Corsica, you have famous hiking routes like GR20, a 200-kilometer hike through the mountains with a continuous view of the sea.

RV rental in Corsica

Currently, you can only choose RV rental in Ajaccio if you want to vacation on the island of Corsica. Most of the campsites in Corsica are located along the coast but there are some beautiful campsites in the mountains. Corsica is home to more than 200 campsites, but not all suited for larger motorhomes. Many campsites work with first-come-first-serve, which means that you cannot reserve your spot beforehand. This does mean that there is availability, even in the peak season.  Start planning your trip on Visit Corsica.

Our RV supplier in Ajaccio

RV rental in Ajaccio is possible with our European supplier Avis. Avis offers five different RV and camper types, depending on your travel company. You can also book a transfer with your rental camper from and to your hotel, the airport, or the ferry. More information about the transfer you can find in the suppliers’ conditions. It is not possible to make a one way trip from the mainland of France to Corsica. Are you interested in RV rental in Corsica or do you have additional questions? Please contact our customer service team.

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