RV rental in Hamburg

RV rental in Hamburg for a road trip in Germany? As the largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg is the perfect city to start your travels. Hamburg has an international airport close to the city center and the largest train station in Germany, connecting travelers all through Europe. From Hamburg you can make a road trip through the diverse landscapes of Germany and you are also allowed to cross the border with, for example, Denmark or Sweden. Request a free and non-committed quotation for RV rental in Hamburg on our website in four easy steps. 

Start your camper trip in Hamburg

RV rental in Hamburg gives you many options for a road trip. But first, we recommend you to stay in this largest port city in Europe for a day or two. Hamburg is a paradise for lovers of architecture. Historical as well as modern, the buildings tell some interesting stories. Recommendations are Speicherstadt and Burchardplatz. Everything in the city center is within walking distance but renting a bike is also very popular in Hamburg. With over fifty museums and a large scale of shops and boutiques, the city offers you enough entertainment before you pick up your rental camper.

RV rental in Germany

Because Germany has 13 rental locations, you can choose to pick up your rental all over Germany and travel to the places and sights you want to see. Hamburg is the most northern location in Germany but you can also choose to rent your motorhome from Berlin, Munich or Cologne. The major advantage of renting your vehicle in Hamburg is that you are close to Denmark. You can easily travel to the Scandinavian countries. In Germany, you are not allowed to camp in free nature but the country has over 1100 campsites in all categories. Do you want to reserve some spots before you start your vacation? Go to EuroCampings for a clear overview.

RV suppliers in Germany

RV rental in Hamburg is possible with two of our suppliers: McRent and Apollo. McRent is the largest motorhome rental supplier in Europa and has locations in 18 countries. This supplier offers you a large choice in camper and RV types depending on your travel company. Apollo is a popular supplier in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Their rental location in Hamburg opened its doors in 2019 as the first rental location in Europe. With both suppliers, it is not possible to make a one-way, which means you have to drop off your vehicle at the rental location in Hamburg at the end of your trip. Are you interested in RV rental in Hamburg or do you have additional questions? Please contact our customer service team.

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