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Request a free RV rental quote

You can easily request an RV rental quote on the website of Worldwide Campers for free and without any obligations. Enter the country and location of your preference together with dates you want to travel and click on 'search'. In Step 2 of your quotation request you get a list of different RVs and campervans, possibly from several different suppliers. The rental vehicles are listed in price range and you can filter the vehicles by clicking the options on the left. Select a vehicle that suits your travel company, comfort preferences and budget. In Step 3 of your quotation request you choose additional options and extras, such as bed linnen, camping chairs or a mileage package. These options differ per supplier, vehicle type and country. In Step 4 of your quotation request you can enter your personal information and in Step 5, the last step, you can check all your info once more, before your send your request to us!

What happens to your requested quote?

After you sent us your requested quote, we will check within 24 hours if your prefered vehicle is available on the selected location and dates. If your vehicle is indeed available, we will check the rental rate and subtract any valid discounts and specials. You will receive an email from Worldwide Campers with the conformation of your available rental vehicle with the correct pricing. All quotations are valid for 5 days. If your vehicle is not available on the selected location or dates, we will find you a fitting alternative that is still available. You will receive an email from Worldwide Campers with the alternative and the correct pricing.

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