RV Rental in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is located in central southern Africa, in between Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana. The country has approximately 13 million inhabitants and is ten times the size of The Netherlands. Zimbabwe has two larger cities, Bulawayo and capital city Gaborone, and consists of the larger part of a plateau, which extends from north to south. This plateau had heights up to 1220 meters. Zimbabwe has many beautiful sights, like the Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and Lake Kariba. With RV rental in Zimbabwe, you can rent close to the amazing sights and plan an unforgettable road trip.

A roadtrip in Hwange National Park

About 100 kilometers from Victoria Falls you find the largest national park of Zimbabwe. Images and film of this breathtaking park and its wildlife are often used in documentaries of National Geographic. Hwange is divided into three areas with different nature and landscapes. From sand landscapes and savanna to granite hills and woodlands. This variety in nature is home to all the animal species you would expect in Africa. And there is a good chance you will spot the Big Five.

Crossing the border to Botswana

Because Hwange National Park is not closed off by fencing, the park continues behind the border to Botswana. In Botswana, you can visit other national parks like the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. Hwange and Victoria Falls are both also close to the border of Zambia, so you can visit multiple countries with your RV. Worldwide Campers also offers the possibility to turn in your RV at one of the rental locations in Botswana.

RV Rental in Zimbabwe

For a pleasant and safe trip to Zimbabwe, it is important to check the current travel advice. Worldwide Campers has an RV rental location in Victoria Falls in the north of Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is a great starting point of your travels because you can easily cross the border to Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. You can also turn in your RV at one of the Britz locations in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

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