RV Rental Barcelona

The northwest of Spain is a fascinating area to explore with a rental camper. Here you will find the proud Catalans with their own language and culture, the beautiful nature parks in the Pyrenees and of course the famous coast of the Costa Brava that offers much more than just the popular beach resorts. To discover this part of Spain, Barcelona is a perfect starting point. Pick up your camper here and drive inland to take a round trip through mountainous Catalonia. Use our menu on the left to get the best quote for RV rental in Barcelona.

Discover Catalonia and the Costa Brava 

Not far from Barcelona you will find Montserrat, a place of pilgrimage with a beautiful Benedictine monastery from the 9th century. From here you can drive your camper along lovely country roads to discover the rest of the Tarragona province, with large vineyards where you can taste the best Spanish cava wines. After that drive your camper northwards and travel through the amazing natural parks in the border area between France and Spain. You can make your way back along the coast of the Costa Brava, where you and your camper will drive along many beautiful small bays and nice coastal villages. Here you will discover that mass tourism is restricted to a few bigger cities and that the area has a lot more to offer.

Road trip through Spain

You can start your road trip through the northwest of Spain by staying for a couple of days in Barcelona, the city of Gaudí and Picasso. After that pick up your rental camper and start your round trip through the surrounding area. In Spain Worldwide Campers works with Euromotorhome, Indie Campers, Touring Cars, OrsonRent and McRent, five companies that offer very comfortable rental campers, with all possible facilities. If you want to expand your round trip beyond the northwest of Spain, you can for example also return your camper in Madrid or Malaga. In Spain, Worldwide Campers also offers rental RVs and campervans in Alicante, Sevilla, Valencia and Girona.

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