RV rental in Tromsø

Would you like to rent an RV in Tromsø? Tromsø is the largest city in northern Norway and an ideal starting or ending point for your RV trip through the Arctic. Located approximately 350 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, the city has all the facilities of a modern city, including a busy calendar of events. Want to see the Northern Lights during your trip? Plan your trip between September and April, as this is the best time to see the phenomenon.

Explore Tromsø and the Arctic

Another natural phenomenon is the midnight sun. During the summer months, between May 20 and July 20, the sun rarely sets. This means that you can go out in the city or in the countryside all day and all night! An extraordinary sensation. From Tromsø, you are right in the middle of unspoiled nature, where you can go hiking, fishing or kayaking. In the winter, a sleigh ride with huskies is a special experience. You can also go whale-watching in the fjords around Tromsø from mid-October to the end of January.

Rent an RV in Tromsø

Our local camper rental partner in Tromsø is Touring Cars. Touring Cars is the RV specialist in Northern Europe and has a wide range of quality RVs that make winter travel possible. There is always an RV to suit your travel needs. Whether you travel alone, with friends or family.

Combine Tromsø with other cities

Combine a visit to Tromsø with the southern cities of Trondheim, Stavanger or the capital Oslo. You can also pick up the RV in Tromsø and drop it off in Oslo, Rygge or Kristiansand. It is even possible to cross the border into Sweden or Finland. There are one-way costs. Request a free quote for your camper rental in Tromsø.

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