RV Rental in Minneapolis

Looking for RV rental in Minneapolis for an excellent round trip starting in Minnesota? With an RV you can discover the land of ten thousand lakes and drive towards the West of the USA. You can pick up your motorhome in Minneapolis and drop the RV off at a different location, such as Denver. Usually drop off costs are involved when making a one-way trip. We recommend booking your camper early on, to prevent possible disappointments caused by potential changes in the availability of a certain camper and to be eligible for early bird discounts and other special offers.

Start your RV trip in Minneapolis

Worldwide Campers offers the services of Cruise America at the rental location in Minneapolis. When renting a camper in the USA, it is mandatory to have stayed at least one night in the country already. Minneapolis has plenty to offer, so you could use this extra night to go shopping in the Mall of America, try a Segway tour or to take a Mississippi cruise and discover the breathtaking nature that engulfs the city!

RV rental with Worldwide Campers

In the Midwest of the United States WorldwIde Campers also has a rental location in Chicago. Other rental locations in the USA include: San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, among many others. From these cities you could make a beautiful road trip through the Southwest of the states, visiting National parks like Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and Yosemite. Renting an RV in Denver, Seattle or Salt Lake City makes for a beautiful starting point for a road trip through the ‘Wild West’ of the USA; the states of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Of course, you can also rent a camper in the east of the states. Explore the Atlantic Ocean’s spectacular coastline, pick up your camper in New York and drop the RV off again in Miami or Orlando.

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