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Boondockers is the right choice for Volkswagen T3 enthusiasts in Greece. At Boondocker you can rent a campervan from Athens on the mainland of Greece. The Smokey and Lona campervan are both ''oldies'' and can drive a max of 250 km per day, but there is 150 km included in the rental. If you drive more the charge is € 0,50 per km. They will be used untill the Van is too old to drive.

Campervan rental from Boondockers

  • The camper rentals have a lot of stuff already included in the rental (see the conditions)
  • All campers are fully equipped with an awning, gas cooker, fridge, sink, exterior Shower tap
  • The campervans are classic and have no age limits
  • You get Boondockers experience (camping tips, swim and hiking tips, places to visit, suggested tours)
  • There is no insurance included because they are classic campervans, you are completely responsible for any damage
  • Free travel guide (you will receive an pdf with info about the location)
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